Growing an In-Sync Child Book Cover
The In-Sync Activity Cards Book
Winner of Mom's
Choice Gold Award
Activities for all ages.
“Nice ideas to help families and children get some sensory input without the need to a lot of experience equipment.”
– Lexis, Amazon 5 Star Review
The In-Sync Activity Cards Book Cover with Award
Growing an In-Sync Child Book Cover

About the Book

The In-Sync Activity Cards Book

Looking for quick, easy ways to keep kids “In-Sync”? To help your child develop, learn, and grow, 50 new In-Sync activities are now available as individual cards or in a handy activity cards book!  

Mom’s Choice 2013 Gold Award winner for Educational Products

Joye Newman, M.A., and Carol Kranowitz, M.A.
Sensory World, 2012

Winner of the Mom's Choice Gold Award, these great cards are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced activities. Each card tells you why and how the activity works, what you need for it, and ways to make it more challenging. It also tells you what to look for, to make sure your child is getting the most out of the activity.

Each activity included is developmentally based.

The activities are organized into three levels*:

  • Beginner (green): preschooler
  • Intermediate (blue): primary-school child
  • Advanced (red): elementary-school child

*skills based on a typically developing child

In addition, all activities include suggestions for more challenging moves as kids develop more skills.

Flexible and adaptable.
Each activity includes ways to customize the movement experiences to suit your child’s specific needs. Because your child is unique, is better at some moves than others, has definite preferences, and does not want to do the same old exercises day after day, please feel free to get creative!

Addressing many skills simultaneously.
Rather than concentrating on one skill at a time, these activities incorporate many basic sensory, motor, and visual skills. The primary skills addressed are listed on each card.

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Mom’s Choice 2013 Gold Award for Educational Products

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In-Sync Activities

Polish (2012)

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Cocuklar Icin Duyu Butunleme Aktiviteleri

Turkish (2020)

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In-Sync Activities

Greek (2020)

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In-Sync Activities

French (2021)

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Praise for in-sync activity cards and Book

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Mom's Choice Award Gold Medal

The In-Sync Activity Cards have won a Gold award for educational products in the prestigious 2013 Mom’s Choice Awards. These handy cards are co-authored by Carol Kranowitz, famous for her bestselling book, The Out-of-Sync Child which shone a light on the problems faced by children growing up with sensory processing disorder and mapped out a drug-free treatment approach which has helped many parents and their children.

For the In-Sync Activity Cards, Carol Kranowitz has teamed up with child development expert, Joye Newman. With over seventy combined years of teaching experience, these two seasoned professionals have learned the best ways to help children learn and grow using their motor development skills. Now parents can tap that experience and genius, using these handy cards, to help their kids grow, learn, and develop to the best of their abilities!

The Mom’s Choice Awards are trusted around the world by parents, educators, retailers, and the media. The awards are selected by a prestigious panel made up of judges from education, media, and other experts, as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists, and more.


“The same high-quality standard you are accustomed to finding in other Newman and Kranowitz products is found in this small box of activity cards. Parents, teachers, Early Intervention programs, and all who work with young children will surely be eager to get this easy-to-use resource. Each card is a complete lesson plan and tells you why and how the activity works, what you need for it, ways to make it more challenging, and what to look for…”  READ MORE

Lorna d’Entremont, Special Needs Book Review

The In-Sync Activity Cards was listed as one of the top ten books on SPD for parents and teachers on Special Needs Book Review! READ MORE

Lorna d’Entremont, Special Needs Book Review


“If you have ever read anything in the In-Sync series and wondered how you could implement similar ideas at home, these activity cards are perfect for you… The activities are easy, presented in an understandable matter, and only take a few minutes a day to practice.”


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